About Us

Our palette consists of organic essential oils that shall allure your senses. We have an established reputation for quality and efficiency. Aura Incense is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of aroma candles and handmade incense sticks. Fill your home with beautiful lights and fragrance of incense Aura Incense sticks. The earthly, rich aromas are rejuvenating and refreshing.

Our in house Indian craftsmen design and manufacture the products. Using quality ingredients to meet highest international standards has strengthened our roots. The designs are unique and exclusive. We are equipped with modern manufacturing facilities that are computerized and deliver flawless products. Every customer at Aura Incense experiences invaluable partnership with us. We serve both the international and Indian market needs at wholesale prices.

We strive to provide our clients with products at best prices. Our efficiency gives us a leverage to stay on the edge, making our customers come back to us more.

Stay overwhelmed with our versatile range of choices. From products that are handpicked and crafted from nature to the fragrances that are formulated on machines, Aura Incense offers a huge range of items that are invigorating and amazing. Our ranges of products are assorted. Aura Incense has a diverse range of target market from home, spa’s and even churches across the world. In addition to the wide collection of incense sticks and candles, we strive to offer value to the style of living and encourage sustainable environment. Aura Incense designs, manufactures, develops, tests, packs and distributes scented incense sticks and candles from our headquarters in India.

The power of Aura Incense Design

The in depth knowledge, passionate attitude towards work and expertise of our Research & Development unit assist in bringing out products with right composition. To make sure all the products comply with the international quality standards every product undergoes both manual and machine test. The team also can customize the products as per the requirements of our customers. We make sure to use natural oils, nature’s extracts and flavors specifically to stay close to organic products. With the fine woods, resins, essences and organic materials we manufacture the candles and incense sticks. Thus, we aim to awaken the earth’s aromatic treasures.

Why Aura Incense?

  • To stay amicable with your mood, Aura Incense offers a wide range of handmade masala incense sticks and candle fragrances.
  • High end manufacturing facility.
  • The premium customized fragrance products are innovative and are designed by the professionals who keep themselves abreast with changing trends.
  • The premium customized fragrance products are innovative and are designed by the professionals who keep themselves abreast with changing trends.
  • Though with an experienced workforce we offer competitive prices.


To offer holistic remedies and alternative health options for soul, mind and body. Aura Incense believes to see our self as best candle makers in the world competitive market. With a dream that aims at client satisfaction, our vision is reflected in everything we do. Our vision is to anticipate the needs of our clients and customers and maintaining utmost quality.


To offer innovative and quality incense sticks and candles at competitive prices. Aura Incense also aims to spread its wings over the world and help the world experience a better trend for self and interior fashion. Additionally, Aura Incense strives to offer value to our buyers and customers through social responsibility and effective customer satisfaction. Our mission is to make a lasting difference globally by creating environmentally sustainable, prosperous and better products. To achieve this mission, Aura Incense need to run successful business that allows us to invest in our future and accomplish our obligations.

Core Values

  • Innovation

    We believe in taking the extra mile and continuously innovate and improve performance.

  • Teamwork

    Our team is driven by passion and dedication to succeed together.

  • Customer Delight

    We are committed to our clients and customers their priorities, priorities and needs.

  • Excellence

    With quality as our utmost priority, we deliver premium products.

  • Trust

    We are reliable and build trust by keeping our promises.

Worldwide Presence

Candles and incense sticks are vital aspects to interior, exterior décor and to stay close to the nature. Aura Incense serves to hobbyists, small scale industries and individuals too across the world. Our main clients are mostly from USA, Canada, Europe, GULF Countries, etc. Aura Incense is open to other countries as well. Our journey has been awesome, for all this we owe it to our customers. Because of our treasured clientele, we have been able to making amazing relationships with new clients and businesses.