Aromatic Candles

Not many things in life can bring a mood lift or enrich your atmosphere like a candle does. From a subtle flicker to mood lifting aroma, they add luxury to your ambience. The warm light of the flame is no less than bliss. Aura Aromatics is a manufacturers and exporter of bulk candles like Votive Candles, Pillar Candles, Tea Light Candles, household candles, Tea Light candles and more by emphasizing affordability, diversity and quality. Aura Aromatics also makes sure that the candles last for long and spread their light and aroma at a steady rate. We ensure to endow with the finest candle products in the world market. The use of state of art machinery and the blend of handmade and automation is our magnitude. From rich blend of fragrance and purity our packaging meets international standards.

Pillar Candles

Both unscented and scented Pillar Candles are made from natural extracts. They create perfect ambiance. They come in various sizes and colors.

Votive Candles

For the prayers that will be heard, let them reach to the almighty through this light. The hand poured votive candles are perfect way to spread a soft light.

Travel Tin Candles

The Travel Tin Candles are available at with various flavors and colors. They come with fun designs. The sleek and compact tin open up to lot of fragrance.

Jar Candles

They are a combination of alluring fragrance and intricate jar designs. We offer a wide range for both interior and exterior decorations.

Tealight Candles

The candles that are amicable with any perfect celebration or wedding are Tea Light Candles. The candles are encased in thin metal or plastic cup.