Incense Sticks

Irrespective of how technology grows, the fragrance of the incense sticks has no competitors that can bring out a sense of composure and calmness. The aroma of the incense sticks energizes our surroundings, lifts up our sprits and reconnects with a world that is close to nature. With Aura Aromatics, it is a mini vacation you can experience, the favors of the lavender field, the scent of the huge pine trees, the ambience of the rain forests or a particular little herb or flower. Apart from the incense sticks that burn clean, the scents have captivating and incense aroma.

Aura Aromatics has got them all. The versatile list of flavors will excite your senses and the best thing being the competitive prices. Though, we are still updating and expanding. We take pride in the hand crafted quality and premium essential oils that are used in the incense sticks. Who doesn’t like things that smell great?

Natural Incense Sticks
The natural scented incense sticks are machine made but are manufactured from the essential oils., natural fragrances and organic ingredients. 

Natural Series
Nature's Essense Series