Auratic Series


Nature’s most loved, raw and natural form of premium quality frangipani offers a soothing effect to the senses.

The traditional auratic frangipani is crafted from nature’s inspiration. The extracts of frangipani and mystic herbs are processed together with care. The mesmerizing fragrances of frangipani makes this natural incense sticks your perfect partner during meditation, spa or religious ceremonies. These long lasting and handmade incense sticks are environment friendly.


Jasmine is known to warm the emotions. The purity of jasmine heals and purifies the arena.

The rich and intriguing incense sticks are nature friendly and long lasting. Auratic jasmine is a bright fragrance with secret ingredients that promise to spread freshness. The stick burns evenly in its own sensual way while the tiny jasmine flowers twinkle spreading its gentle aroma. Passionately handcrafted to natural incense sticks, they are nature friendly and biodegradable.


This pleasant aroma calms you down when you are stressed. The freshness of lavender stimulates your creativity.

Lavender is perfect to end a day that began in an unexpected way. It calms down your senses. This incense is also ideal for romantic moments. If you wish to experience the true qualities of this incense, you should store it in an enclosed place. Crafted from valuable lavender essential oils, auratic Lavender incense is handmade onto natural incense sticks.


Auratic lemon grass incense sticks revitalize your mind and body.

The exotic lemon aroma of Auratic lemon grass incense sticks gently lingers and purifies the air around. The natural incense sticks are handmade and bounded together with rich resin. The natural fragrances and the blend of pure essential oils uplift your mood.


Musk is desirable and sensual incense which is a perfect partner for a cozy night. Auratic musk is known for its calming effects on the muscles and nerves.

Musk incense has a strong connection with positivity. It allures great energies that calm you down and protect you from negativities. Musk incense is also associated with heightened sensuality and passion. Infused with musk essential oil these handmade incense sticks produce sweet and rich aroma.


This lovely aromatic incense is associated with passion, love, and romance.

Rose is a preferred fragrance that pleases your senses. Auratic rose is a handcrafted natural extract of essential rose oil, resins, and synthetic oils. This high grade and luxurious incense sticks are nature friendly and long lasting. This fragrance is the desired choice of both men and women.