Natural Series


Amber incense vapors are protective and pleasant. It encourages emotional releases and heightens sensuality.

Amber incense creates an environment of relaxation by giving you the power of inner knowledge and self exploration during yoga and meditation. This impressive and energizing fragrance helps you enter a world full of surprises while you meditate.This pleasant incense is handcrafted using ayurvedic herbs. It is blended with fragrant botanical extracts.


This mesmerizing fragrance helps you relax and experience an emotional connection with yourself. It is a therapeutic practice.

Nag Champa incense is a lingering fragrance. This wonderful package of tradition is made out of resin and natural herbs, handcrafted onto natural incense sticks. These incense sticks are amazing daily essentials for creating a relaxing environment. They burn slowly and are nature friendly.


Patchouli incense is a balance fragrance made out of selected leaves to uplift and refresh you.

These incense sticks are highly known for their effect on the body. They help you experience joy and happiness through relaxation and internal calmness. This handcrafted blend of patchouli incense is believed to attract positive energies. When you have a stressful day, this fragrance is bound to relax and energize you.


Saffron incense is a powerful relaxant which makes you feel positive and healthy. You will experience tranquility at its fullest.

These incense sticks are made using dry fragrant powders, blended together with other aromatic smells and natural resins. Saffron is an exotic fragrance which comes from dried flower petals. The spicy yet sweet aromatic incense is handcrafted onto natural incense sticks.


This spiritual and healing aroma helps you relax and uplift yourself. The fragrance incredibility resonates with your emotions.

Aura Sandalwood natural incense is a timeless fragrance. This gift of the forest is handcrafted from the fresh and selected bark of venerated sandalwood. Sandalwood natural incense is eco-friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting. These incense sticks are a must have to inspire emotional stability in nature’s way.

White Sage

This mild yet enchanting fragrance is a shifter of energy and cleanses the air. It relaxes you in the most profound way.

White Sage helps you find peace by creating an atmosphere of prosperity and joy. It is made out of perfect balances of nature’s fragrances. These mild incense sticks burn gradually, releasing an aroma that cleanses the air. White sage is well known for its protective energies, ideal for use in a dwelling place.