Nature's Essense Series

Mystic Forest

The incense sticks enhances inner confidence and compassion.

Inspired by the freshness of the rain-forest, these luxurious incense sticks are full of vitality. These incense sticks are a perfect and skillful blend of oudh and pure rose oil. Brighten your mood and achieve peace of mind with Aura Rain Forest natural incense. The warm and earthy fragrance of rain forest relaxes your senses and revitalizes your soul.


The hand selected natural ingredients beckon us and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Heaven natural incense has a purifying and calming effect because of which it is widely used while yoga and meditation. Selected resins, sandalwood, pure essential floral oils of vanilla, vetiver and rose are blended skillfully with care to make this heavenly incense. They blend with every tradition and culture. These handcrafted incense sticks introduces you to a new fragrance beyond the sphere of royalty.

Divine Soul

Divine meditation natural incense is known for its auspicious and healing qualities.

Divine meditation natural incense is a blend of delight fragrances of mother earth. Fresh and pure sandalwood, patchouli, geranium, musk, and cedarwood are blended together to create divine meditation natural incense. The aroma of these incense sticks is pacifying. These nature friendly incense sticks are passionately handcrafted by the experts with the right blend of ingredients.

White Oudh

Alter your mood in seconds. It purifies your soul and body.

These incense sticks are a delicate balance of white oudh and natural resins. Its fragrance gently permeates the surroundings and fits your lifestyle perfectly. The aroma will indeed surprise you. This adorable and shiny fragrance is distilled from the roots of the tree that have never seen the daylight.

Morning Breeze

Morning breeze natural incense is an ecofriendly way to brighten your senses. The magical fragrance refreshes the surroundings and brings the freshness at your doorstep.

These incense sticks are handcrafted and dipped in pure essentials oils. The Garden breeze natural incense is the herbal combination of exotic floral and natural extracts of jasmine, lilac, orange oil, vanilla and musk. They are biodegradable and nature friendly handcrafted natural incense sticks. It evokes a tropical sensation and spreads a warm aroma in the air.

Royal Sapphire

Sapphire natural incense is a companion in solitude. It refreshes your body and mind.

Lighten the incense stick every evening to experience tranquility. The adorable crisp blend of flowers of musk, amber and patchouli are mixed under the blessings of nature to form sapphire natural incense. These incense sticks accompany you during yoga, meditation or prayers contributing to aromatic and tranquil environment.

Fruit Planet

The fragrance of Fruit Planet incense sticks pleases your senses. The exuberance of fruit flavours calms your emotions.

Aura Fruit Planet incense sticks are deeply pacifying yet an energising blend of essential oils from versatile fruits. With aromatic, medicinal and rejuvenating significance these incense sticks burn slowly and sprinkle the freshness of a fruit garden.