Natural Handmade Soaps

Spicy Tango

A blend of natural spice essential oils that will leave you feeling warm and spicy after a bath.

Experience the luscious feel of the warm aroma of the natural spices of the organic handmade Spicy Tango soap. It not just help you remove the dirt and grime, but also leaves you refreshed and moisturized. The warm spice essential oil stimulates the blood vessels and thus, improving the fine lines of the skin.

Kesar Chandan

Handmade Kesar Chandan soap will help clear all blemishes and make your skin smoother and softer with daily use.

There is nothing better than a warm bath with natural ingredients such as sandalwood and saffron. You can’t use these natural ingredients directly and thus, Kesar and Chandan Soul Magic handmade soap is your solution. Stay fresh and smell lovely all through the day with sandal and saffron soap. It is best for use on dry, sensitive skin. This soaps provides the necessary moisturizing nourishment to your skin and makes it blemish free and smooth.

Premium Saffron

Refresh your summers with the creamy Premium Saffron soap that naturally restores the skin’s lost glow.

Saffron has been the secret ingredient in every Ayurvedic skin care formula. The Premium Saffron soap is carefully made with your skincare in mind. It is enriched with royal Saffron and rose water that helps even skin tone and cleanse all impurities within the pores. It gently helps remove marks and blemishes helping you flaunt a glowing and flawless complexion.

Natural Jasmine

It’s time to treat your skin with the Natural Jasmine soap. The soulful jasmine leaves you with an enthralling fragrance all day.

The Natural Jasmine soap is an exotic blend of Mogra essential oil, Rose water and vegetable oils along with moisturizing glycerin. It is not too harsh for your sensitive skin and never strips your skin of its natural oils. It naturally nourishes your skin and leaves it supple and soft.

Classic Lavender

Feel smelling wonderful with the handmade english Lavender soap and find your acne prone skin become clear with each use.

Soothing and calm on the nerves as well as toning and revitalizing skin. Great combination, isn’t it? The handmade Lavender soap is best for use for people who suffer from tension, migraines as well as insomnia. It also has a great effect on the skin as it is a natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent. Keep skin infections at bay and your mind calm with the Classic Lavender.

Soulful Mantra

Soulful Mantra is a handmade soap containing Lemongrass and green tea that invigorates your soul and boosts sluggish moods.

Enrich your skin with a Lemongrass and Green Tea infused fresh, natural handmade soap. Soulful Mantra is a soap that will definitely perk you up and get you in the mood to face your day with a smile. The fresh natural essential oil of Lemongrass helps uplift tired nerves and clears the mind. Green tea exfoliates the skin making it smooth and clear with every bath. Get zapped with a refreshing bath using Soulful Mantra.

Hint of Spice

Natural, organic and handcrafted to perfection, Hint of Spice is a soap infused with the nourishing benefits of cinnamon.

Spicy lather during bath warms up your spirit during cold, winter months. Hint of Spice is a handmade cinnamon soap that calms jittery nerves and stimulates the blood flow. It has a spicy charm that comforts your tired body during bath. It contains rose water, vegetable oils and Glycerin that smooths your skin and keeps it feeling soft and supple.

Black Magic

Handcrafted to perfection Black Magic soap will make your skin fall in love with you. Feel the fragrance linger long after your bath.

The Black Magic soap is good for both men and women who love the musky smell. The bar moisturizes and refreshes your skin. It has a creamy lather that makes your skin appear irresistible.

Dancing Bubble

Let the cool blue Dancing Bubble handmade soap take over your thoughts and transfer you to a fresh new world of rejuvenation.

Play with crisp, clear and clean ocean blue with Dancing Bubble handmade soap. This aqua blue soap leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated like a newborn baby. The soap wonderfully cleanses your skin and hydrates it to keep it supple and soft. A shower with aqua blue Dancing Bubble soap will brighten your day with a gorgeous fragrance.

Luscious Apricot

Luscious Apricot handcrafted soap gently exfoliates your skin and leaves it moisturized.

Luscious apricot bar is far from an abrasive scrub. Yet, it helps you get rid of old, dead skin cells and allows your skin to regrow gently. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles over tome as it clears off all the damaged skin cells on the surface of your skin. You will find your skin appear healthy and softer after every shower.

Royal Duet

Royal Duet is a true bathing bar that contains the natural essence of almond and saffron to give your skin a calming effect.

Get a rejuvenated look with the handcrafted almond and saffron Royal Duet bar soap. It has unique properties that moisturizes the skin and nourishes it. The creamy lather rubs into your skin making it feel rich and soft. Royal Duet bar soap is definitely for those who need to moisturize and hydrate their dry skin.

Bitter Game

Bitter Game is a natural neem based handmade soap that will help treat many skin conditions naturally.

Evergreen tree from India, the Neem is known for its medicinal properties. It heals naturally and helps clear the skin of its many problems. Capturing this healing essence of the Neem, Bitter Game is a handcrafted bathing bar. It is great for everyday use and has great effects for an oily, acne-prone skin. With regular use of Bitter Game neem bar, you will find a great reduction in acne eruptions and clearing of other skin problems.